Hunter and Hilsberg
Contact: Hilary and Kay
Address: City: Syracuse, NY, 13207
About Us
We make old-fashioned, simple ingredient, whole fruit preserves that are 15-20% lower in added sugar than most on the market. It's why folks tell us our preserves taste just like pie. The majority of our products contain three ingredients or less, and, our ingredients are responsibly sourced, all-natural, vegan, and free of nuts, gluten, grain and GMOs.
Our sourcing starts locally and has expanded from the Finger Lakes region to growers across the United States. We know many of the growers personally and are a supporter of family farms and small businesses through our purchasing, lobbying and advocacy. Oh, and did we mention our fruit farm relies solely on our own wind and solar equipment as its source of electricity? We are a carbon-neutral operation and an Earth Steward award recipient. We are also a 100% women-owned business who contributes more than 5% of our revenue annually to nonprofits and nonprofit events.