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About Us
About Us

Spore to Fork is based in Syracuse, NY and run by mushroom aficionado and chef, Zach Papaleoni. In addition to growing, cooking and foraging gourmet mushrooms, we are also in the business of providing you with finest fungi the Central New York region has to offer. Our current offerings include a wide variety of both foraged and cultivated mushrooms of the very highest quality.

Zach completed the Wild Mushroom Certification Course in 2022. This certification verifies that he has passed a state-approved mushroom toxicology, identification and foraging course for sale of specific wild mushrooms. Zach is a graduate of SUNY ESF and practices not only safe but sustainable foraging practices.

Our main source for cultivated Oyster Mushrooms is from none other than CNY’s most experinced and long-standing gourmet grower, Jack Galvin. Jack and his wife Patty are pioneers in the area, having started Galvin Farms over 20 years ago!

Find us on Instagram or Facebook @sporetofork where we, not only, showcase our current offerings but also share recipes, growing techniques and foraging tips.

Spore to Fork is a brand new business and we look forward to connecting with the community!
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