Sweet on Chocolate
Contact: Adam Mazzoni
Address: 208 Walton St. Suite #1 Syracuse, NY 13202 Syracuse, ny, 13202
About Us
Established in 1993, Sweet on Chocolate has gained a reputation for producing the highest quality, handmade chocolates in Central New York. Sweet on Chocolate’s confections have reached national acclaim and have even been enjoyed internationally.

Building off that delicious reputation, we are excited to announce a new era for Sweet on Chocolate. Under new ownership as of September 2018, we strive to continue to produce top tier chocolates but with new flair, flavors, and techniques. Introducing seasonal items and limited edition flavors, our rotating menu keeps our chocolates fun, fresh, and always the best.

Located in the heart of Syracuse’s Armory Square District, Sweet on Chocolate delivers the homemade, small batch atmosphere with mind blowing flavor and creativity.