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Syracuse Salt Company
Contact: David and Libby Iancello
Address: 333 Pulaski St Syracuse, NY, 13204
About Us
Hi! We're David and Libby, otherwise known as the father and daughter dynamic duo making up Syracuse Salt Company.
Growing up, Libby could often be found in the kitchen with David cooking or baking, though unfortunately without much success. Libby did not inherit David's talent for creating something out of nothing, but did often enjoy the fruits of his labor. This skill of David's evolved into a passion for trying out new flavors and unconventional dishes. He quickly realized that the secret to this type of experimentation could be found in different variations of salt - be they finishing salts, Himalayan salts, or varying types of flake and sea salts. After reading up on the history of salt and conducting fairly extensive research on the subject, he began sampling various exotic flavors and recruited Libby into trying new dishes. However, they both felt that there was a wider audience to be reached with this fairly well-kept secret. Thus, Syracuse Salt Company was born.